Iwona  Blazwick,

advisor, curator
Iwona Blazwick is
director of the Whitechapel Gallery in London, leading its expansion and reopening in 2009. As head of exhibitions and displays at Tate Modern, London, director of exhibitions at London’s ICA, and an independent curator in Europe and Japan, she has organized and commissioned numerous exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. She also developed the Contemporary Artists Monographs and                    七星彩开奖 上鼎狐网>十月十四日是什么星座>七星彩开奖结果:六楼后座 - 湖北11选5推荐号码,甘肃11选5号码遗漏,陕西11选5号码推荐 Themes and Movements series at Phaidon Press and is the

A critic and lecturer, Blazwick has published extensively on

the art and institutions of our time. She has served on
many juries, including the
Turner  Prize and the Venice Biennale Golden Lion. She was awarded an OBE in 2008 and has honorary degrees from Goldsmiths College, London Metropolitan University, Plymouth University and the Royal College of
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