Ingo Niermann,

Ingo Niermann, born 1969 in Bielefeld, Germany, lives as a writer in Berlin. His debut novel Der Effekt was published in 2001. Recent Books include The Future of Art. A Manual (with E. Niedling, 2011), Deutscher Sohn (with A.Wallasch, 2010), Solution 186–195: Dubai Democracy (2010), Solution 1–10: Umbauland (2009), Solution 9: The Great Pyramid (with J. Thiel, 2008), The Curious World of Drugs and Their Friends (with A. Sack, 2008), China ruft dich (2008), Metan (with C. Kracht, 2007), and Minusvisionen (2003). Niermann is the editor of the book series Solution.

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