A Short Letter of Intent

Dear Visitor to d(13),

We intend to say to you that artists are able to formulate their own questions, conduct their own research, and directly speak to and engage a multiplicity of publics at once.

We intend to say that artists don’t always require mediation. And sometimes they prefer to mediate for themselves.

We intend to allow the multiplicity of voices and positions, based upon different curiosities, insights, and experiences, to tell and embody the story of art today, and what concerns artists today.

We intend to reclaim the capacity of artists to speak for themselves and to construct their own discursive frames.

We intend to allow nonsense to invade sense, and thus bring to the fore the question of seriousness. Just who is being serious and what are we taking seriously, could be a question for discussion.

We intend so much more than this letter can hold, than language can express.

We intend to open up the mysteries of this strange religion called capitalism and explore the potential for non-capitalist life.

We intend to place to the fore what it is we think we are doing (on this planet). And to create the space for saying no, for revocation, for exploring other callings, other doings.

We intend to explore the space of the commons and to do so by first acknowledging that the terms “private” and “public” are today becoming increasingly dubious.

We intend also to depart from art, not to leave it behind, but to open up to the world. Art, understood in this way, is not a circumscribed space where one remains tethered, but the site of many arrivals and departures, take-offs and landings, errors and redirections, tours and detours.

We intend to crash land in Kassel and take our cue from the inertia that brought us there.
And we intend to bring some friends! We hope to meet you soon.

And ... And ... And

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