A Militant Joyful Collective Research Into Non-Capitalist Life

Research is at base of this process. But what is the status of the knowledge that is generated through research today? Can this knowledge exit the circuits of capitalization and militarization and instead enter the realm of the common(s)?

During these 100 days, we are embarking on a collective body of research and the question of the modalities and orientation of that research is critical. The modalities range from sharing skills to doing things together, such as writing, speaking, walking, eating, playing, to exploring modes of not doing, like sleeping.

More importantly, we have also attempted to introduce an idea of intensive research that is interested in initiating an enquiry that breaks down traditional divisions between the subject conducting the research and the object of study. We are interested in embarking instead on an engaged and collective process of becoming. This collective process will take on different forms and formats, attempting to help bring to visibility a parallel world founded on openness, indeterminacy, and interdependency, cooperation, mutual aid, and an affirmation of the value of all life.