Eternity through the Stars

Jeronimo Voss’ Eternity Through the Stars (2012) is a two-part installation located at the planetarium as well as the Cabinet of Astronomy and Physics in the Orangerie. It is based on a selection of the cabinet’s collection of hand-painted projection slides visualizing astronomical revolutions, as well as a text by political revolutionary Louis Auguste Blanqui of 1872, from which the work also borrows its title. The work, Voss’ montage of image and text, is accessible several times a day throughout the duration of the exhibition. It is complemented by a light-installation and projections, located where the apparatuses of the Cabinet of Astronomy and Physics in the Orangerie are normally displayed.

Eternity through the Stars, 2012, Dome projection, Dimensions variable, Planetarium in the Orangerie Kassel, Courtesy the artist, Commissioned and produced by dOCUMENTA (13), Photo: Anders Sune Berg