23 May 11

AND AND AND / Event 8 / Oumayma Khaled / Tunis / May 24, 2011

AND AND AND is an artist run initiative, which will use the time between now and dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012 to consider with individuals and groups across the world the role art and culture can play today and the constituent publics or communities which could be addressed. The series of interventions, situations, and occurrences entitled AND AND AND are part of dOCUMENTA (13) and will compose a map of emergent positions, concerns, and possible points of solidarity.

Students movement of the Tunisian revolution. Text on the banner: “The student movement is part and parcel of the popular movement.“


For the eighth event, AND AND AND has invited the artist Oumayma Khaled to help organize a discussion considering art and culture in post-revolutionary Tunisia. The event is inspired by discussions on Avenue Habib Bourguiba after the January 14th Revolution, in which citizens discuss and debate in informal circles, spontaneously, their political positions, their ideals, and their ideas concerning the reorganization of life in this moment in Tunisia. 

It has been asked, can there be a revolutionary art without revolutionary times? Oumayma Khaled would like to reverse this question and ask the discussants, can one undergo a revolutionary process without that process also impacting the art that is being produced? 


Amidst the historic changes impacting North Africa, the Mediterranean and Middle East Regions, one wonders how a political redistribution of sensibilities and modes of doing impacts those who work within the realm of art. What kinds of concerns, subjects, works emerge or are called for in this revolutionary moment?


On May 24, 2011, at an as of yet to be determined location, a group of artists will meet to begin addressing these questions. All those who are interested are encouraged to attend.


Date:  May 24, 2011, 6 pm
Country: Tunisia
City: Tunis
Location: +36° 47' 59.39", +10° 10' 51.22"
Address: Avenue Habib Bourguiba (for exact location please call + 216 22845435)

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