07 Sep 12

AND AND AND / Event 20 / Lamia Joreige / Records for Uncertain Times / Beirut / September 7, 2012

During the 100 days of dOCUMENTA (13), AND AND AND has been hosting and organizing an open and experimental public program with artists, activists, farmers, students, thinkers, other practitioners, residents, and visitors from Kassel and beyond. The program has interwoven practical, philosophical, poetical, pedagogical, psychical, and physical zones of inquiry in one space/time.

The sky over Beirut

This one space/time, however, remains intrinsically conjoined to, and tacitly reflects upon, the historic shifts and multiple crises unfolding globally. And it is in the midst of these conjunctions that Lamia Joreige writes the following note, introducing her contribution, for the 20th AND AND AND:

"Between January and March 2012 a few persons responded to a simple question: 'How do you project yourself into the future, here in Lebanon?'

While the Arab uprisings are ongoing around us, and in the case of Syria, at our border, we remain unable to move out of our own deep and long term political crisis in Lebanon. As a result, one might find it difficult to project oneself into the future. One might feel forced into a present, almost suspended in time, waiting for what seems to be an impossible civil reconciliation and a radical and true socio-political transformation of the region at large.

This series of video testimonies reflects upon the unusual times we are currently living through and witnessing at once in our region, along with our difficulty in understanding and coming to terms with their attendant complexities.

The individuals interviewed reflect subjective choices, which are not exhaustive, though they do hail from multiple and diverse backgrounds. Here, they engage us with their hopes and fears, discuss the meaning and potential of civic action in Lebanon, and reflect on the possibility—and costs—of change."

The interviews can be watched by clicking here or alternatively by visiting:

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