One of the premises of AND … AND … AND is that food is a basic category through which we can potentially understand many contemporary social, scientific, political, and economic phenomena and problems. Through food, we can cross these domains while at the same time allowing them to remain palpable (felt, touched, tasted), close to the ground, to the earth, to everyday life.

Through food we can find a path toward addressing some of the larger questions of how we think, produce, consume, live.

We want to build up a kind up a machine together that utilizes all of our intelligences not only to argue the merits of another way of thinking and doing, nor solely to imagine what this world could look like, but to try to put it into play, to realize or embody such imaginations through small experiments.

We want to ask first, what forms of commons or commoning already exist in the city?

Can we introduce a few projects into the city that can experiment with this idea of the commons and build upon some other local and global experiments?

Can we use food, as one of the basic fabrics of our common inter-dependent existence on the planet, and open up to an understanding of how a major shift in our relation to food could potentially have powerful consequences on all levels of life?

Can we embark on such local small-scale experiments while at the same time connecting to processes taking place on other scales?

Can we, for example, address inequalities of class or wealth?

Can we address intercultural biases or racism?

Can we imagine addressing these questions of our basic necessity for sustainable food production without arguing for a necessary shift in priorities which through contemporary capitalism define sustainability first and foremost through the lens of profit?

These among others are some of our initial points of departure.

Each week, one to five related subjects led by invited artists, groups, or researchers (including regional researchers and activists) are explored:

Seeing, Seeding, Hacking, Dancing, Walking, Moving, Caring, Commoning, Healing, Resting, Resisting, Dreaming, Tasting, Communizing, Cooking, Baking, Sprouting, Planting, Scavanging, Composting, Permaculturing, Sewing, Discoursing, Feeling, Printing, Proposing, Propogandizing, Manifesting, Militating, Writing, Storytelling, Translating, Listening, Defacebooking, Decolonizing, (de)Constructing, Singing, Striking

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