For the duration of the exhibition, quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger carries out four public experiments in quantum teleportation:

1. Photons at a Single Slit: The Loss of Certainty
2. A Single-photon Beam Splitter: Objective Quantum Randomness
3. The Double Slit with Photons: Quantum Reality is Contextual
4. Quantum Entanglement of Photon Pairs: the Untenability of a Realist World View

Several members of Zeilinger’s research team at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, are present in the exhibition space to explain the experiments and engage in conversation with visitors. They are: Stefanie Barz, Maximilian Ebner, Sascha von Egan-Krieger, Robert Fickler, Marissa Giustina, Thomas Herbst, Michael Keller, Mateusz Kotyrba, Mario Krenn, Radoslaw Lapkiewicz, Alexandra Mech, William Plick, Sven Ramelow, Christoph Schäff, Thomas Scheidl, Amir Tavala, Daqing Wang, and Bernhard Wittmann.





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