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a revolutionary proposal: invisible insurrection of a million minds

By alexander trocchi

In this 1962 text, Scottish author, editor, and agitator, Alexander Trocchi (30 July 1925 – 15 April 1984), called for an awakened class-consciousness amongst what has recently be categorized as “the creative class”.  To actualize this goal,  Trocchi lays forth a grounding ethos for this “university”, while also stipulating a global infrastructure of branches to unite disparate international underground movements under an LLC model.  This entity, aware of its growing economic power, would subside not only on its own intellectual property and related programing, but will, in effect, seize the means of production for the then burgeoning service sector.

The attached copy, available for download, features highlighted passages by Sarah Rifky, a writer and curator living in Cairo, Egypt.

Text courtesy of:  Alexander Trocchi ©1963, Sally Child ©1985






"REVOLT IS understandably unpopular. As soon as it is defined, it has provoked the measures for its confinement. The prudent man will avoid his definition which is in effect his death-sentence. Besides, it is a limit.

We are concerned not with the coup d'etat of Trotsky and Lenin, but with the coup du monde (seizure of the world), a transition of necessity more complex, more diffuse than the other, and so more gradual, less spectacular. Our methods will vary with..."


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