15 Jun 2011 /

access to tools: publications from the whole earth catalog, 1968-1974

This exhibition, which took place during the Spring/Summer of 2011 in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and was curated by David Senior, brings together ideas about networks created by books to form an offbeat historical cocktail of hippies and early computers, cybernetics and geodesic domes. The show utilized the Whole Earth Catalog to source books from the MoMA library collection and complemented these holdings by shopping around the used book world to fill in the gaps.

"In 1968, Stewart Brand founded the Whole Earth Catalog. Brand’s goals were to make a variety of tools accessible to newly dispersed counterculture communities, back-to-the-land households, and innovators in the fields of technology, design, and architecture, and to create a community meeting-place in print. The catalogue quickly developed into a wide-ranging reference for new living spaces, sustainable design, and experimental media and community practices. After only a few years of publication it exploded in popularity, becoming a formidable cultural..."

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