10 Dec 2010 /

basta cani

By nanni balestrini

An alphabetically arranged litany of proverbs and other sayings in which the word "dog" is substituted for one term per line.  Both idiomatic and yet nonsensical, the same procedure was then applied to various other languages to produce likewise untranslatable adaptations.  The author, Nanni Balestrini was a member of “Gruppo ’63,”a neo-avant-garde circle of poets, writers, and literary critics. One of his literary experiments utilized a computer program to write poetry as early as 1961. His novel Gli invisibili, 1987, has been translated into English as The Unseen

Scroll down from the downloaded document for English and German versions of this poem.

“basta cani
bisogna battere il cane finch'è caldo
bisogna dimenticare i cani
bisogna farla finita coi cani

coi cani…”

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