25 Oct 2010 /

citizen and subject: a postcolonial constitution for the european union?

By sandro mezzadra

Political Scientist Sandro Mezzadra expands the framework of the so-called theory of “autonomy of migration” in this text by focusing on how.migration could be viewed as a “social movement” framed between the forces of globalization and protections of citizenship.

A version of this paper was presented as part of the “Economies and Technologies of Affect” Seminar Series, CSISP, Goldsmiths College, March 16, 2005. It was also presented at the “Conflicts, Law, and Constitutionalism Conference,” Paris, February 16–18, 2005.

Published in Situations 1, no. 2 (2005–06), 31–42.

“In many of his recent interventions Etienne Balibar has stressed the strategic importance of including the history of colonial expansionism (maybe better: the history of what Edward Said has termed the colonial project) in any critical reflection on the question of European citizenship and constitution. This inclusion, not exclusive to academic debate, is a fundamental issue of everyday life in Europe due to...”

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