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Erkki Kurenniemi's Electronic Music Studio

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Department of Musicology,University of Helsinki, 1972-1975

Courtesy Erkki Kurenniemi and Kai Lassfolk

Errki Kurenniemi's Electronic Music Studio was set up in 1962 with the
vision of an automated composition system. It included conventional studio
equipment such as tape recorders and the VCS 3 synthesiser, but the core of
the studio was unique. In the 1960's Kurenniemi built Integrated Synthesiser
and in the 70's, a series of custom built music instruments called DIMI.
DIMI-A and Dimix in particular gave the studio a distinctive sound.

Kurenniemi's designs and ideas anticipated modern studio equipment and music
making processes. For example, Dimix and Dimi-6000  were ancestors of
digital mixers and microcomputers, respectively. Moreover, in his idea of a
distributed computing environment from 1968, Kurenniemi foresaw modern
network-based music production techniques.
(Kai Lassfolk, as told to Joasia  Krysa)

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