25 Oct 2010 /

free software, free society: selected essays of richard m. stallman

By joshua gay (ed.)

This collection includes historical writings such as The GNU Manifesto, which defined and launched the activist Free Software Movement, along with new writings on copyright, patent law, and the controversial issue of “trusted computing.”

Stallman critically discusses common abuses of copyright law and patents when applied to computer software programs, and how these damage our society and remove existing freedoms. He also explores the social aspects of software and how free software can create community and social justice.

Ed. Joshua Gay, Introduction by Lawrence Lessing (Boston: Free Software Foundation, 2002).

“Every generation has its philosopher—a writer or an artist who captures the  imagination of a time. Sometimes these philosophers are recognized as such; often it takes generations before the connection is made real. But recognized or not, a time gets marked by the people who speak its ideals, whether in the whisper of a poem, or the blast of a political…”

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