30 Aug 2012 /

Il Processo (The Trial), 2010-12

By Rossella Biscotti
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Rossella Biscotti, Il Processo (The Trial), 2010-12, Audio installation, 8 sculptures in reinforced concrete, Dimensions variable, 8 h., loop, Performance with simultaneous translator, The audio is an edited version of the “April 7th” trial (1983-84) featuring the voices and interrogations of the following defendants: Cecco Bellosi, Tino Cortiana, Augusto Finzi, Chicco Funaro, Alberto Magnaghi, Antonio Negri, Paolo Pozzi, Oreste Strano, Franco Tommei, Emilio Vesce, Paolo Virno, Courtesy the artist, Commissioned and produced by dOCUMENTA (13) with the support of Mondriaan Fund; MAXXI National Museum for 21st Century Art, Rome; Nomas Foundation, Rome. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

On view in Neue Galerie

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