06 May 2011 /

kurenniemi, or the life and times of a techno-visionary

By erkki huhtamo

In this 2003 essay, media archeologist Erkki Huhtamo reflects on a pioneering figure in Finnish electronic music, computing and art – Erkki Kurenniemi – and his widely diverse range of activities over the past forty years, including “nuclear scientist, composer, inventor of electronic music instruments, experimental filmmaker, industrial robotics specialist, computer graphics artist, science exhibition curator, obsessive recorder of his own life.”


“There is no doubt that Kurenniemi (or “Kurtsi” among friends and colleagues) is one of those rare individuals who have a Vision - an idiosyncratic way of seeing the world and the universe, and assessing the impact of new technologies on the evolution of human beings.”


The essay was originally published in the adjoining booklet of the dvd package for Dawn of Dimi (Kinotar / Kiasma, 2003)

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