24 Jun 2012 /

LECTURE: Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism: Art Making World (Nikos Papastergiadis)

LECTURE / 18:00 24 JUN 2012 / Ständehaus
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LECTURE: Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism: Art Making World

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Cosmopolitanism is the product of an idea of the world and an ideal form of global citizenship. Throughout history, it has repeatedly surfaced as a concept that addresses the meaning of the subject at both the core of being and the widest spheres of belonging. It can be traced back to the mythological fascination with the abyss of the void and the infinite cosmos, as well as recurring in the philosophical debates about the relationship between individual freedom and universal rights. In this lecture, Nikos Papastergiadis argues that the need to give form—to make a world—out of these extremities is a persistent feature of critical imagination and that its contemporary manifestations are more clearly grasped through the concept of aesthetic cosmopolitanism.

This Keynote Lecture is supported by the Universität Kassel.

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