02 Dec 2010 /

loose associations lecture (version 1.1)

By ryan gander

Now in its 10th iteration, Loose Associations is a slide lecture series performed by the artist.  By tangentially connecting apparently disparate cultural sources, these talks are reminiscent of a conversation around a table in a pub.  However informal the content may be, the presentations are conveyed with the authority of a standard lecture at the same time.  A transcript of "(version 1.1)", 2001, is presented here.

“These are called desire lines.  At least, that’s what spatial designers and town planners call them.  This first photo was taken in Kassel in Germany… I’m talking about the lines on the ground here.  When spatial designers plan pavements, there are always bits of waste ground left between them and when they don’t design them properly you get these desire lines that have been worn away by people who cut across the middle.  They’re always on the most direct route people want to take, which is why…”

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