26 Oct 2010 /

nietzsche loves you: a media-technological start-up

By avital ronell

Author and educator Avital Ronell examines the relationships between art and morality, presenting the dossiers of Friedrich Nietzsche, the most ferocious defender of art as a vital necessity.

“Nietzsche Loves You: A Media-Technological Start-up” has been excerpted from Part 4 (“The Test Drive: On Nietzsche’s Gay Science”) of The Test Drive by Avital Ronell. Copyright 2005 by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois. Reprinted with permission.

“In the absence of a transcendental seal, philosophy and science turn to other qualities to clear their paths and warrant their integrity. Friedrich Nietzsche has to steer between God and ego to keep thinking clean—too much God or too much ego is destructive of the scientific aim, and liable only to produce catastrophic imaginary or narcissistically warped aberrations. In any case, God…”

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