15 Sep 2012 /

On Seeds and Multispecies Intra-Action: Disowning Life / Vandana Shiva. Seed Freedom.

CONFERENCE / SEMINAR / 10:00 15 SEP 2012 / Ständehaus
On Seeds and Multispecies Intra-action: Disowning Life

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15:15 – 16:15
Vandana Shiva. Seed Freedom.
(English with German translation)

In her keynote lecture, the physicist, environmental activist, and eco feminist Vandana Shiva will address the freedom and integrity of life, and the integrity of human freedom. Her work is based on the conviction that the “defense of nature's rights and people's rights have come together in Earth Democracy - the democracy of all life on earth, a living democracy which supports and is supported by living culture and living economies.


Disowning Life is a two-day public conference that takes as its starting point dOCUMENTA (13)’s ecological perspective, building on a global alliance between different forms of research and knowledges that is actively being developed in a variety of fields. On September 10, the first part of this conference discusses humans as only one form of animal life amongst many others. On September 15, the second part focuses on questions around food and seeds, water and land, energy and de-growth. At a time when the models of production on which our world is based have been proved insufficient, and the arbitrary division of roles largely unjust, thinking about the way in which we sustain life on the planet is not just an interesting field of research but a crucial necessity.

The development of a collective consciousness that allows us to think and feel in sympathy with all types of mineral, vegetal, and animal life is allowing a new narrative to emerge—one that shifts the position of humans in the constellation of the natural world, placing us in a more balanced  scenario in relation to other beings. Notions revolving around seeding and the idea of multispecies intra-action are introducing new perspectives in eco-feminism that place the problem of difference or “othering” beyond gender. Inspired by and hoping to elaborate on the interrelated horizons of two main thinkers in these fields— multispecies biologist and cultural theorist Donna Haraway and seeds activist Vandana Shiva—this final conference of dOCUMENTA (13) gathers some of the most rigorous scholars, artists, and activists in these fields together with a range of committed new voices.

Vandana Shiva is a seed activist and one of the leading voices in the field of activism during globalization. She has fought for changes in the current dynamics and paradigms of biodiversity, agriculture, food, biotechnology, intellectual property, bioethics, and genetic engineering. Her writings, such as Ecofeminism (1993), Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability, and Peace (2005), and Soil Not Oil (2008) have helped shape contemporary notions on the use of seeds, on third-world women, and on eco-feminism.

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