03 Aug 2012 /

Poetry Readings / Adania Shibli one's voice for another's words

23:00 03 AUG 2012 / Offener Kanal Café
Poetry Readings
POETRY READING: Adania Shibli one's voice for another's words

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The Poetry Readings Program is an exercise in emancipating the body from the clichés and constraints of the day, under a spotlight, in a dark, intimate, night time space. Every Friday at 11 pm in the Offener Kanal Café, an invited guest opens the evening by reading out loud selected poems to a gathering of people who listen out loud, and are later invited to take over the microphone and recite or read their own poetry or that of others into the night.

See below for the list of invited reciters. Open-microphone sessions follow every presentation. Bring poems you know by heart, poems unwritten, poems on paper and read it out loud. Individual reading up to 10 minutes. If you need more time we will be happy to hear your idea and discuss with you.

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