07 Jul 2012 /

SCEPSI: RUN MORPHOGENESIS Talk: BIOS (Bifo, Alessandro Sarti)

CONFERENCE / SEMINAR / 18:00 07 JUL 2012 / Ständehaus
Talk: BIOS (Bifo, Alessandro Sarti)

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Speakers: Bifo, Alessandro Sarti

What is the meaning of the word “trans-formation”? How does a (new) form emerge from Chaos? When can you say that a form is “new”? What is the meaning of new?  This event is aimed to face these questions by different points of view: the point of view of biology, of neuroscience, of synthetic images.  Our subjects are the following: morphogenetic processes, determinism and uncertainty in the generation of forms, emergence of form from information and information from form.

Alessandro Sarti is a mathematician whose main research interest concerns mathematical models of visual perception, in the effort to harmonize neurophysiological evidence with visual phenomenology within the formalization of contemporary mathematics. He is Director of Research at the Centre de Recherche en Epistémologie Appliquée at École Polytechnique, Paris.

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