25 Oct 2010 /

the heart of a dog

By mikhail bulgakov

A prohibited satire mocking the flagging sprit of the Soviet Revolution, this novel, by Master & Margarita author, Bulgakov, was originally circulated in samizdat form until being released during Glasnost in 1987.  As a central conceit, the story features the incarnation of a stray dog into an idealized soviet protagonist.  The text itself was penned in 1925.

“Ooow-ow-ooow-owow! Oh, look  at me, I'm  dying. There's a snowstorm moaning a requiem for me in this  doorway and I'm howling with it. I'm finished. Some bastard in a dirty white cap - the cook in the office canteen at the National Economic Council - spilled some boiling water and scalded my left side. Filthy swine - and a proletarian…”

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