10 Jun 2012 /

Workshop: Time/Bank: Give Yourself Credit

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12:00 10 JUN 2012 / Karlsaue Park
Workshop: Time/Bank: Give Yourself Credit

Get What You Need Without Euros Or Dollars Or Pounds

When stock markets and governments fail to distribute enough money to feed, fuel, house and heal us, we make our own money.  Step A is barter: connecting directly.  Step B is issuing tokens or electrons to count trades.  Step C is becoming the bank: making interest-free loans.  This workshop prepares you to start an independent credit system that meets your community's needs.

Paul Glover is a community organizer based in Philadelphia. After thirty-five years organizing communities, he created a consultancy called GreenPlanners. He is founder of the local currency Ithaca Hours and a dozen other mutual-aid systems for food, fuel, housing, and health care, and his publications include Hometown Money (1995).

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