22 Jul 2012 /

Hörspiel: To Be Corrected – Abstracts for a Hörspiel (Lívia Páldi)

19:00 22 JUL 2012 / Ständehaus
To Be Corrected – Abstracts for a Hörspiel
Hörspiel: To Be Corrected – Abstracts for a Hörspiel (Lívia Páldi)

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To Be Corrected – Abstracts for a Hörspiel is Lívia Páldi’s radio play about Breitenau that will be broadcast on July 22 and can be heard at a “public listening” at the Ständehaus. It is a collage of notes, reflections, observations, and excerpts of conversations that departs both from looking at Breitenau as a historical site of correction, and its institutional history and development as a memorial site, museum, and archive. The audio work references a selection of documents, objects, photographic, textual/literary materials, films, documentaries, and artworks, as well as talks with Gunnar Richter, Dietfrid Krause-Vilmar, Mechthild Bereswill and Karen Wagels, Ines Schaber and Avery F. Gordon, Bernhard Lauer, Clemens von Wedemeyer, and Péter György.

The airing is preceded by a discussion involving some of these figures that addresses a broad range of issues linked not only with the layered history of Breitenau—an important subtext of dOCUMENTA (13)—but with the interrelation, mutuality and differences between the various disciplines, both academic and artistic, that access history in order to formulate contemporary perceptions of the past.


7 pm



8 pm

Discussion with Avery F. Gordon, Gunnar Richter, and Ines Schaber, moderated by Livia Páldi. (English)


10 pm

Public listening: To Be Corrected – Abstracts for a Hörspiel.

Or tune in to hr2 kultur (FM 93,7).


After July 22, the play will also be available here

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